Crack your knuckles and loosen up your fingers because it’s time for you to sit down and set up your engagement with your audience/list on social media.


I want you to come up with 10 quick engaging posts all about you and your work. If you have some lovely new work to show via imagery or video or fun behind the scenes shots now’s the time to break it out. Tell your audience a little bit about your experience regarding the photo. Don’t forget to give credit to those involved in the making of.

If you do not have fresh content, break out some old content. Throwback, way way back if you have to. People love to see your old stuff as much as they love to see your new stuff. They even love to see the bad stuff as much as they love to see the great stuff. So do not be afraid to show a disaster because the goal here is to engage with your audience. And it’s okay to share an experience that you learned from that maybe didn’t go so well.


Now that you understand your social media management platform you should be able to plug in these posts over the next 30 days. Spread them out nice and evenly because the next couple of days were going to fill in some holes you may have.

Remember always have fun with it and to be personable not cocky!

Happy engaging! Mary RC