So depending on how tech-savvy you are will depend on how difficult this day will be. But it is important for you to acquire and get to know a good social media management platform.

So let’s talk about a social media management platform, what the heck is it?

With a management platform, all of your accounts are in one place.  You can post on multiple accounts at once and schedule your posts to hit automatically and at high traffic times.  Some platforms will also regulate your engagement so you can see what is working for you and what isn’t.  I think it is a must have marketing tool, because I can’t always be on social media when my clients are.

Consistency is key when it comes to social media marketing.  Success has proven time and again that if your audience sees you regularly, you will be on the forefront of their mind when the need for an MUA arises.  Social media management is vital to consistent marketing. These programs allow you to sit down and schedule/map out your social media posts in say 30-day batches so you are ahead of the game with automated posts and you have guaranteed consistency.

There are a number of platforms available. I personally use HootSuite. But here is a great article about other platforms that are available.
So today’s homework is for you to sit down and really understand the program that you are using. Go through the program’s tutorials they have available so that you can make sure you are efficiently using the product correctly.

If you are already familiar with the program look for any extra updates that may have come available recently. I want you to be prepared to pull the trigger because later in the week because you are going to have a ton of content ready to distribute.

So put your glasses on and study up. You got this! It is good to learn new things.

Happy learning!! Mary RC