It is song and dance time. Yes people, it’s time for you to put together your newsletter.
By now you should already have your email marketing platform set up. So now sit down and showcase you! This is an opportunity for you to genuinely connect with the people on your list.
“Genuine?” You ask. What I mean by genuine is, just be you. Talk to the people you’re reaching out to you like you know them and like they are your friend. Because ultimately that is what you want them to be, a friend and colleague. Don’t think of these relationships as a rung in the ladder of your community. Be the real you, be personable, have fun with it and go with good intent.

In this freebie download you will find an example of one of my newsletters that had a super successful open and click through rate.

So it’s time for you to sit down and tell everybody what you’ve been up to since the last time you reached out to them. You can do it I know you can. If you’ve got a lot to say on social media you can say just as much in your newsletter, if not more.

Don’t forget to hit send when you’re all done!

Happy writing! Mary RC