I know what you’re thinking…  20 NEW LEADS?! I guarantee they are out there.  There are always new clients, I promise.  Visit or revisit this Freebie Download for a basic list of google searches you’ll need to do in your area.

Comb through Google.  Start on page 10 if you’ve done this recently, there are good clients that do not always have the best search engine ranking.  Sometimes they’re drowning in a sea of paid Google ads.sea

Remember to think outside the box for new leads.  Revisit the last few jobs you have done and write down the names or job titles of others who were part of the project.  Whoever hired you, may have hired them.  These colleagues can be great leads.  I have been referred by caterers, DJs, location managers and motorhome drivers for excellent gigs. You never know where your next referral will come from.

Senior man in motorhome sitting by steering wheel

This is easier than it sounds to accomplish.  With a bit of effort, you will have 20 plus names on your list in no time.  You got this!!

Happy harvesting!  Mary RC