Before you start marketing yourself do a quick update to your website.  NOT A COMPLETE OVERHAUL! For now, use what you have and do a minor update and clean up.  Right now it’s all about motivation and finding a reason to reach out to your LIST.

One reason you should regularly schedule site updates is to keep things fresh and interesting.  But the main reason you should do it is to have a reason to reach out to people on your list and create a buzz about your business.


Here is a list of a few basic things you should update on a regular basis.

Portfolio images
Advertising images
Commercial videos
Professional bride/wedding images
New logo updates
Behind the scenes on your blog
Blog posts
HTML tags and keywords

ADVICE:  Do not overwhelm yourself!  Like I said this is a quick and easy update.  It should be an achievable process that you can do without too much frustration.ovrwhlm

If you are all caught up on your updates, take this time to find/gather new content for your site.  Reach out (email/text/call) clients you have worked for and ask them to send you your work.  A friendly reminder never hurts and you will also be the most recent MUA on their mind for any upcoming projects.  This is a win win!!win

That is DAY ONE my friends.  Easy peasy!  See you on DAY TWO…

Happy updating.  Mary RC